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Commercial and Residential Landscaping with attention to detail.


  • Seasonally appropriate mowing height and frequency
  • Trimming
  • Edge pavement and beds weekly


Seasonally appropriate pruning by hand or quiet, zero-emissions equipment. We also offer corrective pruning, formal garden maintenance, and rejuvenation pruning.

Seasonal spring work in the garden backyard, pruning a rose bush with pruning shears
Man doing yard work, spreading mulch around landscape bushes from a wheelbarrow


We install triple-shredded non-dyed mulch unless requested otherwise.¬† We take care of your home’s surroundings, and leave no mess behind!

Native Plantings

  • Planting natives helps our local ecosystems and natural areas
  • The gardens are relatively maintenance-free
  • Native plants have already adapted to our soils and climate.
  • They are the best for our beneficial insects and pollinators like butterflies and bees.
  • Native plants increase biodiversity
  • They are more often deeper-rooted, helping to reduce runoff and erosion.
Gardener hands picking and planting vegetable plant in the garden
male worker puts brick blocks in the garden path


Along with our landscape design and installation, we also build garden walls, retention walls, and permeable paver patios!


  • Bioswales are a beautiful visual representation of sustainability in the landscape
  • Bioswales slow the flow of runoff, allowing for more permeation, and allowing the filtration of pollutants.
  • They reduce the risk of flooding
  • When planted properly, bioswales can be a beneficial wildlife refuge.
  • They can reduce or eliminate the need to monitor, maintain, and fix underground drainage.
Rain garden

Rain gardens (Bioretention areas)

  • Rain gardens filter water and improve the quality of nearby rivers and streams.
  • Rain gardens are effective at removing heavy metals¬† and sediment from runoff.
  • They reduce the risk of flooding
  • Rain gardens increase biodiversity in urban areas.
  • They are an attractive, sustainable landscape feature.

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